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Welcome to The Evolution Of You.

You know the saying "Tired of trying to cram her sparkly star shaped self in to society's beige square holes, she chose to embrace her ridiculous awesomeness and shine like the freaking supernova she was meant to be" well that kind of sums me up.

A few of the roles I play are mother, wife, healer, coach and I'm a woman who wants to make a difference in other people's lives. 

I've lacked self worth, I've lacked confidence and I've put my life and happiness in the hands of others and you know where it got me nowhere, so I threw away the people pleasing handbook and started writing my own rules.

Now I'm here to walk your journey with you, 

My passion is helping women come home to themselves, to build a strong and positive mindset, to stand in their worth and to really love themselves. For it is from this space that we can create alignment and call in our most fulfilling life.

You are so worthy of everything you desire and I want to help you make it happen. Through both energy healing and coaching when you work with me I am by your side, we will laugh, we will cry but most importantly we will heal and emerge stronger than ever before.

To evolve is a gradual process in which one changes
into a different and more complex or better form

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If you would like to work with me please phone or text me on 0408574466  or email me on

I would be honoured to be a part of your journey.