Meet the woman behind The Evolution of You

What’s my WHY? And how did I get here.

Well the answer to that is a long one, and if I’m truthful I feel like I’m only just getting started.

So here’s the shortest version I can give you…

I’ve worked in Real Estate, Financial Planning, Accounting Firms but my passion lies in Health and Wellness. I am a qualified Group and Personal Trainer and A Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

I’m still learning every day because as humans we are always changing and evolving and truly believe that we can never know it all. 

Which leads me to the nitty gritty, after suffering with health and digestive issues after a period of high stress I found my answers in alternate health. Diagnosed with hormone imbalance, 11 food intolerance's and leaky gut, I have since then worked with kinesiologist’s, naturopath's and acupuncturist to heal and thrive. I now fully understand that just because you are eating well and exercising doesn’t mean your healthy, you have to nurture your emotional needs just as much if not more!

Its’ at this point I’ll let you know that I’m also a mum of 3 and a FIFO wife. Yeah it’s a lot!

But my kids have been my greatest teachers, they have all brought their own lessons and boy are we still learning. Take my eldest, born 9 weeks early he thrust us into the world of parenthood before we even had time to set up the nursery.  I still look back at the period and can’t believe we did it, he didn’t sleep for years, had silent reflux, could not be separated from us, was diagnosed with anxiety by the age of 2 and let’s just say he wasn’t thriving. Enter kinesiology, within 1 month he was a different kid and now we have a healthy happy boy and you would never have known he was the same baby. If that doesn’t bring your growth then I don’t know what will.

With the birth of my third, I was exhausted, but life didn’t slow down oh no it sped up. House renovations, kids starting school, a baby with full body seborrheic dermatitis/psoriasis that of course I took responsibility for and delved into finding a natural cure for. In doing so I cut out almost all the foods from my diet while still feeding her in case it was an allergy. It wasn’t and we’re still on that journey but I hope that as I continue to learn and improve our lifestyle that we will find an answer. It was also at this point I finished studying and started a business that was focused on helping others. Now reading this back I see the insanity, I should have been helping myself not others but I also felt the pressure to be more than a mum, to be contributing to our family finances, I felt like I’d lost my identity and hated having to say I was a stay at home mum….

 I now call bullshit on that, being a mum is the greatest role I will ever have, do I love it all the time, nope but I know damn well that raising little humans and good ones at that is nothing to be ashamed of and no one will ever be able to mum my kids like me, I mean I’m basically a superhero without the cape. (but I can fashion one out of a towel and peg, because well superpowers)   

The point of this story is that I ignored my body again, I pushed passed all warming signs and I put the needs of all others ahead of mine and eventually under the pressure to be it all I crumbled.

But my breaking point also became my breakthrough point, now I have clear and firm boundaries on what I will and won’t bend for, I make time for myself without feeling guilty, I don't share the food I've spent time meal prepping for myself with my kids, I meditate. every. single day and I make exercising a priority because I need it.

I’m proud of myself for everything I have overcome and I’m excited for my future.

And my future is here guiding  other women through their breakdowns so they to can have their own breakthroughs.

So this is me and I’m so glad that you’re here.