Meet the woman behind KS Health and Wellness

What's My Story?
Well the answer to that is a long one, like 30 years long so here’s the shortest version I can give you.

I’m a FIFO wife and mumma to 3 kids, exercise is my thing, and without it I'm a scrambled mess. 

 It works out that my husband is away for half of the year for work so in the time we have been living this lifestyle I have had my fair share of challenging moments. I’ve been hospitalised with pregnancy complications while he was away, brought a baby home without him, attended weddings and events solo, had weeks from hell where everything that could go wrong did, survived many sleepless weeks, I’m mum, I’m part time dad, I’m the constant, the one who is always there, who will continue to front up to everyday and tackle whatever is thrown at me with a positive attitude and lucky for me I thrive under the pressure of everything going wrong and functioning in crisis control but I won’t lie to you when it’s hard it’s really hard but this is a lifestyle we choose and it works for us.

Along with the juggle of FIFO life I have also faced health and digestion issues and in my mid twenties was diagnosed with hormone imbalance, leaky gut and as a result of that food intolerance's to 11 foods. Yep you read that right 11! It took three months on an exclusion diet and added supplements but I healed my body, got married, signed up to do my Personal Trainer qualification after years of waiting for the right time and you guessed it fell pregnant…..
Now pregnancy and I don’t go hand in hand so what followed was a gruelling 7 months and I don’t say 7 as a typo because our little Benji had other ideas about how long he was staying on the inside and rushed into the world 9 weeks early. Now as you can imagine he was teeny tiny and had a few minor hiccups but after an 8 week stay in hospital, we brought our baby home and here’s when things got tough. Diagnosed with silent reflux, feeding was tough and sleep was non-existent, he struggled with weight gain and was always sick. A few years on and he was diagnosed with anxiety and we were told to just manage it and be aware of it for the rest of his life. Now alarm bells were ringing but after seeing countless doctors, health nurses, sleep consultants and trying everything that was suggested I had given up hope and was praying he would just grow out of it when by chance we were recommended to see a kinesiologist. After 3 ½ years of pouring so much time energy and money into trying to find answers we brushed the idea and continued to battle on, then after another three weeks of no sleep while Tim was away at work in one last act of desperation I called and made the appointment.
Two months later I walked out of that appointment with the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders, it wasn’t my fault (until this point I had carried major guilt for not being able to carry him full term and blamed myself for him being so unwell) and not only did we have an answer but we had a plan. We removed all gluten, dairy and refined sugar from his diet and added magnesium, zinc and minerals in as supplements (we had always taken a probiotic so we didn’t need to add this in) and within a month we had a different kid, he was sleeping better, eating better, his moods had improved dramatically and within 2 months he had put 4kgs! His confidence bloomed, the anxiety faded and he transformed into a totally different little boy. It was eye opening to see the effects that food can have on not only our digestive system but also our nervous system and I was certain that this was the way for us to eat and to this day it is our version of a normal diet.
Along the way I studied to be a health coach with the largest nutrition school in the world the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and what started out as wanting to learn more about the foods we put into our body and how to improve your health through diet and nutrition has been so much more than that.
There is so much more to being healthy than the foods we put into our body, there are the relationships we build, our home environments, your mindset it all contributes to your overall health and wellness and I want to share my knowledge with you all, I want everyone to have the chance to feel as good as we all do and to break down the barriers that are holding you back and live the life you have always dreamed of.
So this is me and I’m so glad that you’re here.

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