• Kristen Stephenson

Feel the Fear

Updated: Mar 31

I see you sitting there on the sidelines of life. Telling yourself your ready but waiting for the perfect moment to jump in. Well what if I told you that time is right now…….

Now all the excuses have started to flow from your mouth, and I hear you and I have been you, but the beauty of life is that there is no such thing as perfect or the perfect time.

Life is messy and complicated and no matter how much you try to prepare you will never be ready.

Don’t look at fear as a bad guy, as much as he’s hyped up to be the opposite of love, he’s really more of a marker of how much you care. Does it terrify you? Yes, well then, it’s probably something you really want in your life.

So, take the leap, do that thing that scares the shit out of you but you know it has a place in your life. Get out of your own way, out of your comfort zone and go get it.

Kristen xxx


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