• Kristen Stephenson

Self-Love, it's anything but easy

We don’t just wake up one day and decide enough is enough today is the day I choose to love myself and just like that its problem solved.

The world we live in today thrives on telling us why we aren’t enough, from what products we need to make us more attractive, to what body shape we should be right down to how we should and shouldn’t act and that equates to a lot self-shaming when we don’t have these things.

The problem is that we listen to all this noise, we take it on board and let other people’s opinions of us become more valid than our own, we give our power away.

What we need to do is instead of looking to others for validation is we need to validate ourselves, realise that you only have to be enough for you and when you can come to that realisation and fully embody it that is when you can fully step into the truest version of yourself with confidence.

Below are 5 tips I've put together to get you started on your own journey to loving yourself, some of these you may find easy and others you may take more time to implement but I can promise they all hold value.

1. Take back your power. Realise that you don’t have to be enough for anyone but yourself, other people’s opinions are just that their opinion. You will never please everyone so stop trying and show up as yourself for yourself.

2. Remove yourself from toxic relationships. This doesn’t apply to just romantic relationships, this can be friendships, family, work colleagues. If someone makes you feel less than and you are shrinking yourself to fit in or be liked than you need to cut ties. The people you surround yourself with should accept you as you are and spending time with them will lift you up not leave you feeling drained.

3. Use Affirmations. Repeat affirmations to yourself daily, these can any phrase or words that resonate with you and make you feel strong and empowered in yourself. Some examples are; I am stronger than my challenges, braver than my fears. No one is you and that is your superpower. I am enough just as I am. I choose happiness.

4. Forgive yourself for all your past mistakes. We all have a past and we have all made mistakes and if we are constantly looking back saying I should have done this or I should have done that then we are still stuck in the energy of that past mistake. It’s time to grant yourself that forgiveness and let it go.

5. Have a daily gratitude practice about your body. Everyday give thanks to your body for the things it does for you on the daily. For example, I’m grateful for my legs that allow me to run and play with my kids, I am grateful for my mind that allows me to work in my job and provide for my family. This practice is so open ended and can include anything in your life that you are thankful for.

I feel it’s important to add that the journey of self-love for most of us is a lifelong dance, some days you will feel unstoppable and others you can’t find a good word to say about yourself when you look in the mirror, and that is ok. Always be gentle with yourself, give yourself the compassion you would give others and give yourself the space you need to move through these emotions.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like additional support as you move through this journey, I am here for you as both a coach and a healer and would be honoured to walk beside you.

Kristen. xxx


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