• Kristen Stephenson

You Can't Rush Your Healing

Healing is a lot like having kids it’s messy, it’s hard and there is no straight line from start to finish, there isn’t even a personalised guide book. But I’m yet to met a person who said I wish I didn’t do either of these things.

While I’m no expert I am what you would say experienced in both and here’s what I know about healing;

You must face your shadows; you will have to look them in the eye and recognise them for what they are.

You will see how you have played a part in all of your stories the good and the bad and you must accept your role in creating your present.

You will have to accept yourself for all that you are, flaws and all and love that person unconditionally regardless of past actions.

Where there is shame and guilt let it go and fill that space with love and know that you did the best you could at the time.

Where necessary offer apologies to others that you may have hurt in your journey, if it is not possible to do this in person for any reason try writing it down reading it aloud and then burning the piece of paper as closure.

You yourself may not receive the apologies that you think you deserve but you must offer forgiveness anyway.

You will be blindsided by things that arise to be healed, things that weren’t even on your radar. Hold space for them as these are the things that were buried the deepest.

Don’t judge your experience, there is no right or wrong way to do this there is only your way.

Reach out for help when needed, while no one can do the work for you, you don’t have to walk the path alone.

You will cry, a lot.

It will change you. The most beautiful part of healing is that you get to emerge renewed, you have slayed your dragons, set your boundaries and will protect your new found peace at any cost.

Some days you will breeze through and others will have you back in the depths of it all, on these day’s be gentle with yourself and remember it’s progress over perfection always.

To sum it up there is no quick fix, there are no short cuts, your world may be flipped upside down and you will have days of not knowing which way is up and days of smug satisfaction of how far you have come.

Take it at your pace, day by day, always remembering you can’t rush your healing.

Kristen. xxx


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